About D & P Music, LLC

Concert Promotion and Record Production since 2011
Keeping Music Alive

We specialize in promoting concerts & record production.

Our most recent recordings:
Glenn Miller Orchestra - In The Mood (2013)
Glenn Miller Orchestra - Timeless (2014)
Glenn Miller Orchestra - Live (2015


Our goal is to promote each concert to the best of our ability so each fan has an exceptional experience.


Managing Partner
Charles has been involved in the performance and promotion of big band music and jazz for his entire career. He is CEO of Glenn Miller Productions, Inc., owner and operator of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and partner with the Phoenix Talent Agency, a booking agency specializing in big bands.

Gregory Parnell

Managing Partner
Greg Parnell spent many years on the road with the Glenn Miller Orchestra as drummer and road manager. Now he is active in the music business as a musician, promoter and record producer. Greg is also the VP of both Glenn Miller Productions, Inc. and the Phoenix Talent Agency, Inc.
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